Super Liga is a football league which combines both 7 & 5-a-side football under one league format. The league has three different levels – Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners.

Our Beginners League is played under 5-a-side structure only.

We are affiliated with the Amateur Football Alliance and all the leagues takes place on Sunday afternoons.

Each league duration is between 10-14 weeks however this is subject to change.

The Intermediate and Advanced League will see teams play 7-a-side and 5-a-side under one league format, allowing teams to develop their tactics and skills on a different size pitch.

The league, welcomes all players over the age of 18 years of age.

Super Liga offers the following;

  1. Beginners 5’s League
  2. Intermediate Combined league (7s & 5s)
  3. Advanced Combined league (7s & 5s)
  4. All level of players are welcome.
  5. The league has visual league standing, fixtures which makes it easier for you as a team. We use the

If you do not have a team but want to join, please contact Stacey Cruse via email at

All teams approach the league with professionalism and respect.

As a league we create a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all teams & players.